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Create Calm.


The thing that I hear the most often about my work is that it brings feelings of calm, peace, and connection to the viewer. That it surrounds them with quiet, and creates space for contemplation.

The beautiful thing about this realization is the fact that calm, centering, and peace are exactly what making art has done for me. Win-win!

Out of Chaos.


Based on my work, I think there’s an assumption that I, as a person, am chill personified and lead a life of contemplative quiet.

If only!

The power of making art is as a hope, a wish, a desire, and (when we’re lucky) a manifestation. Art brings us closer to what we need…

…and everybody  (yes you) can do it.

Online Art Classes


I’m a painter, illustrator and instructor, and I love creating art learning experiences that embed many small wins on the way to exciting results. Join me and venture with confidence into the world of experimentation, experience, and discovery in creating art.


In my classroom the core values are: Art, Love, and Meaningful Downtime.




This goes without saying – we’re here for the art!

In my classes you will always walk away with a beautiful project which will make you smile – often a project beyond what you suspected you are capable of creating. Sometimes it will be small, fun, and casual.  Sometimes it will be involved, technically enriched, and packed with learning – that’s your choice, since I have all shapes, sizes, and duration of learning experiences to pick from.




we’re going to do this in a way that keeps us

  • in love with making things
  • in love with process
  • and in a state of continuous curiosity.

The opposite of love, as they say, is indifference – so curiosity is our love of the world, and self-curiosity is a path to self-love.



Our free time is so, so, SO precious.

In my classes we’ll not waste it.

My classes are heavy on information, heavy on explanation, and light on everything that doesn’t demonstrate something you can use. I’ll be as clear and honest as possible about class level and what you should know prior to any class, as well as which classes are “paint for fun with me” and will presuppose no previous knowledge.



Let’s Go:


Take a look around the site, find a class, and learn just what amazing things you can do! I can’t wait to create with you.