Paint Your Heart And Soul 2021

Have you seen the PYHaS 2021 teacher lineup? Have you noticed my picture there? That’s right! I’m going to teach in that great online course next year!!!

Even better….. I’m giving away one FREE spot – keep reading for details!

EDIT: Thank you SO SO SO much everyone! Your comments are amazing, I will still be responding to every one of you. The spot has offically been won by one lucky winner!

Now is the best time to sign up, you can still get early bird pricing by using the links on this page. Thanks again so much everybody and I can’t wait to see you in class!

You might have already heard about this amazing course as it is one of the most popular art classes in our online art community. However, if you’ve never heard about it before – it is not just another online class! In a nutshell, this is a year-long fun and informative art course with weekly lessons, where you not only can learn how to create gorgeous art and improve your skills using different art supplies, but also to share your progress and interact with instructors and students from all around the world from the convenience of your own home and time.

Many of our students from previous years describe Paint Your heart and Soul as a “turning point in my art skills” “where everything finally clicked” and “I can’t stop painting!”

This course is great for everyone who is looking to learn, beginners and experienced artists are welcome! Explore, get inspired and add to your artist voice! “

 PYHaS2021 is the best edition yet! Better and improved, it includes at least 55 brand new amazing downloadable video lessons. We will learn how to create beautiful faces and figures, pets and birds, flowers and landscapes in many different styles! We will work with acrylics, oils, watercolors, encaustics, mono-printing and more!

We hope that by the end of the year you will develop your own style and feel confidence in creating with different mediums!

….And the price is amazing! Under $2 ($1.80) per lesson during our Early Bird special! Don’t wait – join now and save $70 from regular price! Click here 

I’m especially thrilled, because a lot of you absolutely BLEW ME AWAY last year – seeing the student work from my PYHAS class was a highlight for me, and I can’t wait to help you discover just what you can do!

This course is hosted by the wonderful, generous, amazingly talented Olga Furman and is a collaboration of 35 international artists.

All of us are excited to share our creative process with you, knowledge, tips and tricks, step by step, from start to finish.

We also provide a closed FB group where we all can communicate, share, receive support and meet likeminded friends. Being a part of the art community has a tremendous positive effect and makes this course even more exciting!

This course is geared towards individuals of all skill levels, ranging from a total beginner (no previous experience in drawing/painting is required prior this course) to an experienced artist!

In this course I’m going to teach an incredible synthesis of painting and drawing that you can use every day – to study, refine, grow your practice, and make beautiful, impressionistic, colorful work. Here’s a hint: you probably have some of the secret ingredient right now, if you do mixed media.

Click HERE  to find out more details about PAINT YOUR HEART AND SOUL 2021

This course starts January 2021, but the registration is now open HERE  for an early bird DISCOUNTED PRICE of $99 ONLY – save $70 from regular price of $169!

(Offer ends after the first 500 customers or October 27th, 2020, whichever comes first)

And what’s more – I’m going to give one of you a FREE spot in the course, please see details below!



To enter the Giveaway raffle, tell me the following in comments:

What is one thing you would like to put more of into your art?

I will announce the lucky winner on SEPTEMBER 25th.

*If you’ve already paid for the course and win the spot, you will get a full refund! 

I can’t wait to start creating together!

96 thoughts on “Paint Your Heart And Soul 2021

  1. I would like to put more of “me” into my art! I need to trust my instincts and allow myself to deviate from prescripted lessons…I always feel guilty not completing the lesson as the teacher has laid it out, but I am learning to take what I need and leave the rest, lol

  2. Thank you Dena. The one thing I would like to put more of I to my art is ME. I have followed lessons but they turn out like the instructors piece, not my own. I am hoping this course can help me with this.

  3. I would like to put more symbols and sacred geometry in my art.
    Please enter me to win a possible spot for Paint Your Hear and Soul 2021. Thanks.

  4. I’m working on more originality in my work. Thanks for the opportunity to win a place in this class ✌️

  5. I definitely need to put in more TIME into my art. The Covid has wrecked me and I just haven’t been able to paint. I know the more
    I draw or paint the better I get.

  6. I would like to gain confidence in marketing and seeing myself as a true artist. I love any material and I love challenges. Art is my therapy and when I am creating I feel as if I’m praying.

  7. I would like to put more time into my art. I get too easily distracted by things that’s are more urgent buy less important.

    1. A looser style, more confidence, and a knowledge of a more pleasing color
      scemes. I would love love love to win a place

  8. I would like to discover more about my own style and put more of that in my art. So excited for the giveaway! Thanks

    1. I would like to difine more my one style to put into my work so i can pint whit more soul. My is al already into my paintings

  9. I want to put more trust in my creativity and quit comparing myself to other artists. It’s impossible to develop my own style if I keep comparing my work to those who have put in the time and effort to develop their style!

  10. I would like to put more of my heart and soul in to my art! It doesn’t seem to go that way… I struggle with it. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot! ❤️

  11. Congratulations Dena! Thank you for the amazing opportunity to win a spot! I would love to be able to express my feelings (even) more in my art – like using bold and expressive marks and techniques with painting.

  12. I want to put more of my feelings and true essence into my art. I want the art to sing with energy, honesty, and vulnerability.

  13. I would like to put more dedication into my art! This year I started PYHaS 2020 full of energy and motivation. Loved your lesson by the way, and learned so much. But then my health issues same into play and after that I just couldn’t get my energy and motivation you get back on track. Every week I enjoy to see the new class but never start. Next year I hope to start again and keep my dedication, time and energy into it! Thank you for a chance to win Dena. Looking forward tot another class of yours! ??

    1. Freedom….I would like looser more expressive marks in my art…most times I am too tight, too much of a realist I guess 🙂 Instead of being so realistic, I would like to better get MY message across and why I choose to paint what I did.

  14. Hi Dena, I would like to put more of me in my art this coming year. To be able to use the techniques of an artist but add something of myself. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot on this amazing course.

  15. Heart and soul aligning through regular practice and guidance to learn new skills to bring confidence to discover my own voice.

  16. i have become immersed in art and creative practice and do art every night – i have health issues and pain but when i start my art it blends into the background. i want to learn more about faces and to conquer my nemesis noses and sometimes eyes. And having had a heart attach the word heart is a strong thing in my life – this would help[ me think of the sword heart in another way

  17. Hmm, hard to pick one thing, but maybe spontaneity – or less control! I am loving PYHaS 2020 and have already signed up for 2021, can’t wait! xx

  18. Dear Dena, I would like to pour more of myself into my Art, and develop a style and confidence that lets me express all of the parts of me that shine and nurture all of the non shiny bits back with a splash of creative colour. Covid has kept me locked down in Melbourne for over 6 months now, it’s time to break free and give back creatively, I sure could do with some help with that x

  19. This will be my first year participating pyhas, I love to learn new techniques. And give my self permission to do art, and start. Eventually I want to create my own art instead of only doing lessons?

  20. I would like to see more consistency in my art. Less thinking and just getting on with a daily art practise. Thanks!

  21. My art practice is definitely lacking in diligence. I have great intentions, but just keep getting sidetracked. Either I don’t have the particular product featured in the class, or health issues are bothering me, or I’m just feeling lazy. Anyway, I just don’t make enough art. Thank-you so much for the opportunity to win a place in PYHaS2021. Would love to participate, but haven’t budgeted for it.

    1. There’s so much competing for our attention, and health issues really do take their toll – thank you for posting, and thanks for joining in.

  22. I have done PYHS since it started and have loved it each year! The variety of lessons is fabulous and each year my art has evolved. I would like to work on more expressive work now.

  23. I would like to see more dedication in my art practice – I “dabble”, but don’t take the steps needed to really pursue my art.

    1. Finding focus is such a challenge – remember to stay kind to yourself as you find your workflow. Thanks for joining in and thanks for posting!

  24. I would love to put more watercolor in my art. Need to get educated on how to use watercolor in journals. Being able to do all the classes would be great for anyone.

    1. I’m blown away by the level of instructors AND student work at PYHAS, last year was my first teaching there and an eye-opener. Watercolor has become an obsession of mine lately, too. Thanks so much for posting and joining in!

  25. I would like more brilliant colors in my Acrylic and watercolors painting.
    Thank you for the update ❣️

    1. *whispers* I always batch my work in the early stages. Or go down to the first floor and waste money on coffee. Dry time is definitely most of what makes art slow! Thank you for posting and joining in.

  26. I would like to spend more time completing my art from start to finish. Perhaps have a designated amount of time daily to devote to my art and lesson planning to share with others.

    1. Ohh, good one! I like to make myself play with duration sometimes, because it really can change how things look and develop. Thank you for posting!

    1. Thanks for posting! I think it never hurts to take new things on board, but yeah, finding your voice is one of those things indeed.

    1. I struggle with this, for sure, there never seems to be as much time as we want for it. Thanks for posting and joining in.

  27. I would like to put more looseness (hope that’s the good word to describe it) in my work.
    I am a perfectionist so everything I make, ends up neat and in my eyes sometimes a little bit boring. But it is hard to work loose if you are not used to it

    1. Thanks for posting and joining the giveaway! One thing I love so much is seeing students’ confidence grow.

  28. Time! Seriously, i would love to know how to make more time to put into my art! How to put quotes and words into my art with crisp lines that don’t run while working on the piece. I could go on…

    1. There’s never enough, is there? Thanks so much for stopping by and participating 🙂 Lettering is definitely one of my biggest challenges, too.

  29. what a fantastic lineup!
    I would love to put more of looseness into my art, I find sometimes my work is a bit stiff and controlled.
    thanks for a chance to win!

    1. Thanks for posting and playing along! Loosening up is like a lot of self-trust exercises, some days it’s just there and some less so. 🙂

  30. Shared on FB! One thing I would like to incorporate more of into my art is trust in myself to simply let things flow! Thankyou for the opportunity!

    1. Thanks for the share – and thanks for dropping by and commenting. Letting things happen is hard to do sometimes, for sure, but it’s usually where the best parts happen.

  31. Hi Dena! I want to put more ME in my art. A good way to put it in and discover this ME is to get inspired by many other creative people. 🙂

    1. When you start to see your own voice emerge and start to see yourself clearly it really is magical. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for joining in.

  32. I have been working (playing) with adding lots of emotion in the eyes, mouth and facial lines!!! Not sure if it posted twice. Sorry but thanks for the chance to win a spot.

  33. I would like to put more time into planning my whole canvas. I just go with flow and start painting, never plan and sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t and then I need to correct!

  34. I would love to learn to paint light into my work. It gives such depth and realism. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in this exciting class!

  35. I would love to put more feeling into my art. At the moment I am just learning and going through the motions but I am not adding feelings of myself into the mix.

  36. More time & energy would be great! But I seem to have a fear of picking up a paintbrush. I tend to stick with what I know. I need to have more confidence & take risks! ??? Thanks for this opportunity

  37. I need to put a mark in my work, to find what moves me, I need to find me and put my essence in my work… in whatever stage I’m in.

  38. I would love to find my own voice… so would love to put more of myself into my art. Thanks for the opportunity!!

    Stay safe and healthy! And good luck to all!

  39. I so want to put people into my art. It’s the one thing I’m really interested in that I have to confidence to do,

    Thank you for this opportunity,

  40. I would love to include more of my authentic self in my paintings, to be freer and less constrained by perfection.

  41. I began creating art and art journaling as part of my healing journey.
    I now work in behavioral health helping others with their healing journeys, but don’t often let my muse out.
    I would want to learn how to put more of my heart and soul into my art, without judgement.

  42. I would like to be more bold in my art and worry less about making something that pleases other people. I want to make stuff that pleases me, whether or not other people like it or not. I’m not sure why I find it hard to tune out that part of me that wants to please other people.

  43. I’d like to put more emotion in my art and also make it look less flat. More interesting and pops out at you/

  44. I find that even during this time of pandemic and being home and having time….I still procrastinate about giving myself the “luxury “ of me-time! I always feel I need to put other “stuff” first, even stuff that really doesn’t matter that much! I need to find a way to allow myself to get past the procrastination and enjoy time to create! My spirit longs for it!!

  45. Hi Dena
    Thank you for this giveaway! I would love to invest more time into my art and ignore the distractions around me. I need focus.

  46. Dena! I still add the layer of gesso to many of my paintings to add the ethereal vibe to them- a technique I learned from you. Adds to the mood. Looking forward to your lessons!

  47. I would like to be able to express my true self through creativity. To really tap into my heart and soul tugs and allow the process to spill out in front of me without procrastination, without being heavily clouded others work and self-expectations. It’s there, I can feel the pulls within, but my energy space is always consumed by children and ideas I have…but with no release, that feels like it honours my energy, wisdom and presence.

  48. Hi, Dena!

    Thank you for your generosity in giving away a free seat to PYHAS2021!

    What I’m longing to add to my art is watercolors! I’ve mainly used acrylics, I’ve done a few oils, but I have fallen in love with the transparency and look of watercolor images. They remind me of stained glass captured on a page. I’ve been dabbling a little bit, but I would love to learn so much more about using watercolors!

  49. I would really like to find my own style, I seem to do a lot of copying and would like to gain the confidence to create in my own unique style although at this time I still don’t know what that is, I am starting to narrow it down a bit but would appreciate more guidance in this area. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

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