In July – A Soothing Online Art Class in Abstraction

geometric abstract art and a drawing compass on a book with sacred geomtry circles

They say you shouldn’t meet your heroes. But in this Online Art Class, we just might!


And to be honest, they’re usually right about not meeting heroes. But maybe you should artistically channel them?


One of my most soothing online art classes yet. This illuminating lesson is part of the absolutely stunning July issue of Studioworks.


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In this online art class in abstraction and sacred geometry, we spend some time inspired by the spiritual geography and the enlightening geometry of Hilma Af Klimt, the overlooked Swedish trailblazer of Abstraction.  That’s just my personal contribution this July, but there’s so much more, by an amazing collection of artists and creative souls,  and it’s deeply beautiful, resonant, and visually inspiring.


It’s funny, because I find myself wondering – did making this class inspire my work? Did my work inspire the class? My work of late has been pointing in the direction of increased abstraction, more symbolism, more intuition.
I was pointed that way before I was ever invited to engage with Hilma’s work in this class. And yet – SYNERGY. Like, so much synergy that rational skeptical me has to sort of shut up, sit up, and listen to the universe for a moment. Hilma (if you don’t know her, or her work, delight yourself with a little research on her!)  would be proud, I think? Is proud. I hope you join us and spend some time with this amazing artist and her inspiring work!


Till later, happy painting.


Yes, I am affiliated with Studioworks, so should you choose to join, it does benefit me, personally. I always like to be clear about that, but this issue is an offering I’m thrilled to be part of!

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