In July – A Soothing Online Art Class in Abstraction

They say you shouldn’t meet your heroes. But in this Online Art Class, we just might!   And to be honest, they’re usually right about not meeting heroes. But maybe you should artistically channel them?   One of my most soothing online art classes yet. This illuminating lesson is part of the absolutely stunning JulyContinue reading “In July – A Soothing Online Art Class in Abstraction”

Budget Friendly options for Watercolor Paper – Canson Montval and Fabriano 1264 (video)

Canson Montval Vs Fabriano 1264 Watercolor Paper In this video, we take a close look at the differences between Canson Montval and Fabriano 1264. Why these papers? Because a cost-effective paper that isn’t frustrating to use can be a bit of a unicorn chase for the budget-conscious artist! Has someone finally figured out how toContinue reading “Budget Friendly options for Watercolor Paper – Canson Montval and Fabriano 1264 (video)”

Reasons that watercolor is the way to advance your painting skills, even if you use other media

Watercolor is the best for portability and convenience. While watercolor can rise to the occasion of large scale work, it’s essentially the best paint for portable, spontaneous expression. It loves pairing up with drawing, ink, and chalk – the most direct route to color in drawing. Watercolor is the key to really understanding color. TransparencyContinue reading “Reasons that watercolor is the way to advance your painting skills, even if you use other media”

Whimsical Mixed Media Christmas Cards

Fun News! I’ve just added some art prints greeting cards and printable greeting cards you can print right at home to the shop in a great mini update. There’s something for everyone based on my sweet collage-based Christmas illustrations – from print-it-yourself-at-home cards to detailed and lovely art prints. Enjoy this soft and sweet seasonalContinue reading “Whimsical Mixed Media Christmas Cards”

Paint Your Heart And Soul 2021

Have you seen the PYHaS 2021 teacher lineup? Have you noticed my picture there? That’s right! I’m going to teach in that great online course next year!!! Even better….. I’m giving away one FREE spot – keep reading for details! EDIT: Thank you SO SO SO much everyone! Your comments are amazing, I will stillContinue reading “Paint Your Heart And Soul 2021”

Free Watercolor + Art Journaling Class Lesson 3

Hi friends! I’ve uploaded another lesson for the week in our beginner-friendly art journaling adventure. These lessons are free – there’s nothing to do, download or sign up for – I only ask that you like, subscribe and pay it forward if you like the lessons. In this lesson, we’ll explore negative space, or paintingContinue reading “Free Watercolor + Art Journaling Class Lesson 3”

Free Art Journal Class Lesson 2 – Watercolor, Pencil, Ink

Hi Friends! It’s time for the second lesson in my FREE art journal class series on youtube – this time we’ll draw intuitively two different ways, learn a bit about composition, and continue with our watercolors. Whether you’re new or just looking for a low-pressure session of drawing and decompression (now that’s poetry, ha!) comeContinue reading “Free Art Journal Class Lesson 2 – Watercolor, Pencil, Ink”

Free Full-Length Art Journaling Class

Hi, friends. I’ve uploaded a free class in art journaling using simple materials that a lot of us have on hand. This class is very much suited to the beginner in art journals and sketchbooks. It runs a little over an hour and is chock full of detailed explanation – if you’ve ever wondered whyContinue reading “Free Full-Length Art Journaling Class”

Let us now praise bad paper

I love “bad” paper. I love buckling paper, cheap paper, non 100 percent cotton paper that is going to yellow when I’m old or gone on to the next plane of existence, newpaper, cardboard, computer paper – “bumwad” yellow paper on rolls, butcher paper, kraft paper (especially kraft paper) and scratch paper. Am I wellContinue reading “Let us now praise bad paper”

How To Improve Your Brush Control in Watercolor and Gouache

It’s an unfair world. No matter how much I work for it, I will probably never develop the amount of brush control I’d like to have in my watercolor and gouache painting. The thing is, I’ve found that anyone can improve, and move along a narrative arc that brings them closer to their ideal, evenContinue reading “How To Improve Your Brush Control in Watercolor and Gouache”

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