Paint Your Heart And Soul 2021

Have you seen the PYHaS 2021 teacher lineup? Have you noticed my picture there? That’s right! I’m going to teach in that great online course next year!!!

Even better….. I’m giving away one FREE spot – keep reading for details!

EDIT: Thank you SO SO SO much everyone! Your comments are amazing, I will still be responding to every one of you. The spot has offically been won by one lucky winner!

Now is the best time to sign up, you can still get early bird pricing by using the links on this page. Thanks again so much everybody and I can’t wait to see you in class!

You might have already heard about this amazing course as it is one of the most popular art classes in our online art community. However, if you’ve never heard about it before – it is not just another online class! In a nutshell, this is a year-long fun and informative art course with weekly lessons, where you not only can learn how to create gorgeous art and improve your skills using different art supplies, but also to share your progress and interact with instructors and students from all around the world from the convenience of your own home and time.

Many of our students from previous years describe Paint Your heart and Soul as a “turning point in my art skills” “where everything finally clicked” and “I can’t stop painting!”

This course is great for everyone who is looking to learn, beginners and experienced artists are welcome! Explore, get inspired and add to your artist voice! “

 PYHaS2021 is the best edition yet! Better and improved, it includes at least 55 brand new amazing downloadable video lessons. We will learn how to create beautiful faces and figures, pets and birds, flowers and landscapes in many different styles! We will work with acrylics, oils, watercolors, encaustics, mono-printing and more!

We hope that by the end of the year you will develop your own style and feel confidence in creating with different mediums!

….And the price is amazing! Under $2 ($1.80) per lesson during our Early Bird special! Don’t wait – join now and save $70 from regular price! Click here 

I’m especially thrilled, because a lot of you absolutely BLEW ME AWAY last year – seeing the student work from my PYHAS class was a highlight for me, and I can’t wait to help you discover just what you can do!

This course is hosted by the wonderful, generous, amazingly talented Olga Furman and is a collaboration of 35 international artists.

All of us are excited to share our creative process with you, knowledge, tips and tricks, step by step, from start to finish.

We also provide a closed FB group where we all can communicate, share, receive support and meet likeminded friends. Being a part of the art community has a tremendous positive effect and makes this course even more exciting!

This course is geared towards individuals of all skill levels, ranging from a total beginner (no previous experience in drawing/painting is required prior this course) to an experienced artist!

In this course I’m going to teach an incredible synthesis of painting and drawing that you can use every day – to study, refine, grow your practice, and make beautiful, impressionistic, colorful work. Here’s a hint: you probably have some of the secret ingredient right now, if you do mixed media.

Click HERE  to find out more details about PAINT YOUR HEART AND SOUL 2021

This course starts January 2021, but the registration is now open HERE  for an early bird DISCOUNTED PRICE of $99 ONLY – save $70 from regular price of $169!

(Offer ends after the first 500 customers or October 27th, 2020, whichever comes first)

And what’s more – I’m going to give one of you a FREE spot in the course, please see details below!



To enter the Giveaway raffle, tell me the following in comments:

What is one thing you would like to put more of into your art?

I will announce the lucky winner on SEPTEMBER 25th.

*If you’ve already paid for the course and win the spot, you will get a full refund! 

I can’t wait to start creating together!

How To Improve Your Brush Control in Watercolor and Gouache

It’s an unfair world. No matter how much I work for it, I will probably never develop the amount of brush control I’d like to have in my watercolor and gouache painting.

The thing is, I’ve found that anyone can improve, and move along a narrative arc that brings them closer to their ideal, even if they never actually achieve it. It keeps life interesting to keep trying regardless.

Enough philosophy – here are the things I’ve focused on to improve my brush control in watercolor and gouache painting more and more each year.

  1. Sit down, comfortably.
    If you’re like me, you switch between sitting and standing, even in watercolor painting. (If you have never explored postures and positions when you paint, I suggest you give it a try.) Standing generally gives loose and dynamic marks to my painting, and sitting generally gives more control.
    When I explore sitting to work on brush control, I find that a straight posture, focused on giving my upper arm a comfortable length to the table is really helpful. I try to remember to keep my feet flat on the ground.
  2. Move the paintbrush holding arm, not the hand.
    Fix your wrist in a position without locking it uncomfortably and move your arm instead of your wrist. Pull even your tiny lines from the shoulder, tempting as it is to create them with wrist motions.
  3. Enlist help.
    By “help” I mean using your other, non-paintbrush hand. Hold your wrist if you want. Rest and leverage your working wrist on a fist. Try out different assists, and find something that helps.
  4. Turn, turn, turn.
    Flip the direction of the watercolor paper so that you are pulling (or pushing?) your line in the most comfortable direction for you, so that you have the best chance of success on lines that count. (When you’re in your sketchbook or journal or on a practice sheet, make all or most of them count, but don’t worry if you mess it up, just keep going.)
  5. Get a little weird.
    Pretend your hand holding the brush is actually a 3D printer or a laser cutter, and see what that does to the consistency of the line. Remember, you can’t exert more or less pressure until someone consciously dials in another setting. Beep beep boop! If you want machine-smooth lines, this will help.
  6. Slow. Down. Seriously.
    My illustration work is fast, gestural, grungy, and loose. And what holds it together are slow passages which are….not. Explore slowness, find more patience, take more time than you feel you have. Meet boredom head on, and see how you deal with it. Take full advantage of what linework has to teach you, and take full advantage of the meditation lessons embedded in this practice.
  7. Notice your weaknesses and give them love and attention.
    It’s easy to practice only the things you like doing and that you are good at. But that really isn’t practice – that’s doing. Doing is important, but practice is doing something you don’t know how to do until you do know how to do it.
    Notice the things that are bad in your execution, without beating yourself up, and move toward those. Give them extra attention. Give them more time.
    I notice that I have more control of horizontal straight lines which are drawn across the page than I have over vertical lines pulled down toward me. Guess which ones I fill more practice pages with?
  8. Most important? Breathe.
    This could be its own book, but try painting your line on the exhale only. Try painting lines that last the duration of the exhale. Make them long and slow. Make them count. Get your body and your mark in sync. Use your paint to teach you to relax as well as to focus. Even if your line doesn’t improve as much as you’d like it to, visually, it may just improve you right back.