In July – A Soothing Online Art Class in Abstraction

They say you shouldn’t meet your heroes. But in this Online Art Class, we just might!   And to be honest, they’re usually right about not meeting heroes. But maybe you should artistically channel them?   One of my most soothing online art classes yet. This illuminating lesson is part of the absolutely stunning JulyContinue reading “In July – A Soothing Online Art Class in Abstraction”

Whimsical Mixed Media Christmas Cards

Fun News! I’ve just added some art prints greeting cards and printable greeting cards you can print right at home to the shop in a great mini update. There’s something for everyone based on my sweet collage-based Christmas illustrations – from print-it-yourself-at-home cards to detailed and lovely art prints. Enjoy this soft and sweet seasonalContinue reading “Whimsical Mixed Media Christmas Cards”

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