Online Auctions

WHAT’S AVAILABLE? (week of June 6)

Here is what is on offer June 6. We start at 11 AM EST and we wrap MONDAY at 9PM EST


I love online auctions! They’re such a fun and relaxed way to connect my work with the right home for it and the right home can be anywhere in the world – from down the street, to the other side of the globe!


One of the best ways to own one of my original pieces is to follow and join Artistic Souls Gallery – this is a wonderful and friendly community of artists and art lovers with a gorgeously rotating calendar of works.

In addition to wall art, there are amazing sculptural and 3D works, mosaic, pottery, jewelry, and every kind of treasure for the art loving soul, as well as the best people you’ll meet making beautiful things:

JOIN and don’t miss another auction!

Here is everything you need to know about the auction process:


The Events are on the first weekend of the month and the third weekend of the month.


Artists will post peeks of works as they are being made and completed in advance of the event. You can then request a tag for pieces you are interested in, and the artist will @ you when the work actually comes up as available.

It is not mandatory to do this, but the auctions move quickly and it is highly helpful to have a tag to track the work! Just ask and I’ll see that you get one.

The works are listed with a minimum start bid, which must be met, and with a stated increment in bids which must be met (usually $5)

BIN is a Buy it Now price, ensuring that you will take home the piece you love.

To buy, simply comment including the price you are paying. This comment including the price is a commitment to pay that price should your bid win.

I (or any other artist whose work you are buying) will contact you within 24 hours to arrange payment and shipping. You will then need to complete the payment process in 24 hours. I ship auction-won original works 24 hours from this point, barring the unforseen (winter storms aren’t unheard of, but haven’t interfered so far.)


You will need to be comfortable using paypal to transmit payment, and auction items will need to be paid in full.

That is it – everything you need to know to get into the fun of an active and beautiful online auction. We all love our buyers, and I’m happy to be able to offer my work to you.

If you’ve already joined up (Join here!) get in touch with me to arrange a tag – let me know how to find and friend request you and I will do so.