Online Classes

How does this work?

My classes and newsletter are all hosted, served, and available 24/7 via Gumroad.

Your payments are secure, and you will have access to class content the moment you finish payment.

Find out all about buying things on Gumroad here.

Can I download the course?
Stream it?
Does my access expire?

You will be able to both download AND stream your classes as well as download and read any class PDF’s, and access any other format of lesson as soon as you are paid up, and you’ll be able to do so for as long as I’m in business.

Stand-alone classes, mini-classes “skill and chill” classes are all instantly available in full.

In depth classes, “intensives” and certain multi-week classes will sometimes have an “open” period and may have classes added week by week in a structure, for those who like that format.

In the event of this kind of class, all materials will be available to students after the last week/installment.

Can I get a refund?

Since all classes entail full downloads of all materials, I can’t offer refunds.

Tech Requirements?

You’ll need high speed internet for viewing class materials – desktop environments are probably the best for watching the video. If you want to download the classes, you’ll need storage to do this, a USB stick or external drive may be needed for the space required.

Some classes have a group associated with them, and these classroom groups are private facebook groups – the majority of my students are used to this interface and it seems to be the consensus for class group environment at this time. You don’t have to participate in groups, but if you want to you will need a facebook account to do so.

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