Free Watercolor + Art Journaling Class Lesson 3

Hi friends! I’ve uploaded another lesson for the week in our beginner-friendly art journaling adventure. These lessons are free – there’s nothing to do, download or sign up for – I only ask that you like, subscribe and pay it forward if you like the lessons. In this lesson, we’ll explore negative space, or paintingContinue reading “Free Watercolor + Art Journaling Class Lesson 3”

Free Art Journal Class Lesson 2 – Watercolor, Pencil, Ink

Hi Friends! It’s time for the second lesson in my FREE art journal class series on youtube – this time we’ll draw intuitively two different ways, learn a bit about composition, and continue with our watercolors. Whether you’re new or just looking for a low-pressure session of drawing and decompression (now that’s poetry, ha!) comeContinue reading “Free Art Journal Class Lesson 2 – Watercolor, Pencil, Ink”

Art Journaling Unpacked – Going by Feel

I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of feel in art journaling. This isn’t so much about the emotional component, but the tactile component and the satisfaction that lies in that aspect of making things. For me, the tactile experience, the feel that certain materials give in the friction between the implement and theContinue reading “Art Journaling Unpacked – Going by Feel”

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