Whimsical Mixed Media Christmas Cards

Fun News! I’ve just added some art prints greeting cards and printable greeting cards you can print right at home to the shop in a great mini update. There’s something for everyone based on my sweet collage-based Christmas illustrations – from print-it-yourself-at-home cards to detailed and lovely art prints. Enjoy this soft and sweet seasonalContinue reading “Whimsical Mixed Media Christmas Cards”

Let us now praise bad paper

I love “bad” paper. I love buckling paper, cheap paper, non 100 percent cotton paper that is going to yellow when I’m old or gone on to the next plane of existence, newpaper, cardboard, computer paper – “bumwad” yellow paper on rolls, butcher paper, kraft paper (especially kraft paper) and scratch paper. Am I wellContinue reading “Let us now praise bad paper”

Art Journaling Unpacked – Going by Feel

I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of feel in art journaling. This isn’t so much about the emotional component, but the tactile component and the satisfaction that lies in that aspect of making things. For me, the tactile experience, the feel that certain materials give in the friction between the implement and theContinue reading “Art Journaling Unpacked – Going by Feel”

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