Free Full-Length Art Journaling Class

Enjoy this free class for beginner art journals and sketchbooks

Hi, friends. I’ve uploaded a free class in art journaling using simple materials that a lot of us have on hand. This class is very much suited to the beginner in art journals and sketchbooks. It runs a little over an hour and is chock full of detailed explanation – if you’ve ever wondered why artists do certain things in their journals and sketchbooks, this video will probably clear some things up!

Is this art journaling hang out good for experienced artists too? I would say absolutely – with this focused back-to-basics approach you’ll reacquaint yourself with your most elemental and intuitive creative self. Let’s start where we are – but let’s start!

I can’t wait to see you there. The class is available as this youtube playlist of videos – totally free. Enjoy.

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Small Wins – Mixed Media Bird Canvas

You’ll hear me talk about a “small wins” approach to making art with great frequency – and this is because it’s something I regularly make use of.

“Small wins” is a great philosophy for keeping beginner artists engaged and satisfied with their results along the way, but it’s also there for us no matter how much art we have made, no matter how much time we have spent.

Any time I feel a little depleted, or if I find I feel creative, but not fully present, I use simple motifs, bright color that I like to look at, and simplified composition to get a result that is more likely to make me happy.

Now, notice I said more likely. There is no guarantee that what I set out to do will work on the first try. As always, sometimes there are many many attempts in order to get even a pretty simple result.

This little painting was very cooperative, and fun to make. I used acylic inks, and other than that just craft paint and chalk paint (you can use gesso if you have it, but I wanted to see if this could be done with materials anyone can get at the craft store.)

Check out this fun video of this painting that I put together here on my YouTube channel.

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